Interview Mindset
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What do I need to know to apply for this position?
What questions will they ask? 
Will I know enough for this setting?
What do I want from this setting?
Do I ask about salary?
Will they take me as a new grad? 
What should I ask about?

These questions are common unknowns as we first step into the interview process

Even those therapists, after years of practice, deciding to go in a different setting,
are unsure  how to approach an interview. 

They ask "am I qualified?"

We critique and judge ourselves along the process and we haven't even sat down for that interview

That's why I created this video series, to take you through the process, step-by-step of the pre, during and post phase of the interview journey.

This video series is designed to give you tools and put you at ease when sitting for that interview.

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